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my hair is VERY soft and could EASILY be played with and you know how many people are playing with my hair??? zero

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so many concerts, not enough money

so many concerts, wrong country

so many concerts , not enough money and wrong country in the same time

so many concerts, enough money, but no time because of jobs taken to afford concerts

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  • wait until it gets dark and make tea or coffee or hot chocolate, or if it’s too hot outside make yourself a healthy smoothie with your favorite things in it at any point during the day
  • put on your favorite underwear, it helps, trust me, it’s an old family secret (i’m not kidding)
  • if you have a pet, play the “how many things can i stick on you until you move or get mad” game (bonus points if they fall asleep, extra bonus points if a family member sees you and tells you to quit it, extra double ultra points if they join in)
  • rip a peice of paper into as many little pieces as you can
  • go to and click “random anime” until you see one that looks completely ridiculous (or actually good) and watch the first episode. repeat if it sucked or if you get bored halfway through
  • spend at least an hour making a music playlist for how you feel right now and save it for now or when you feel a bad mood rise again
  • curl up in bed and cover yourself with blankets and pillows and put in music and just lay there for a while (sleeping is also good)
  • eat everything
  • drink lots of water
  • it’s okay bad moods don’t last forever!!!!!! i promise!!! you will be yourself soon and there are people who love you very much, don’t be afraid to reach out to them
  • you are lovely
  • eat lots of bananas
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remember when the gameboy advance sp came out and it had a built in backlight plus a built in rechargable battery and it was like all of our prayers had been answered

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When someone says Disneyland and Disney World are the same thing:


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